4 Week Progress – Lash Boost

Time to reveal my 4 week progress photos using #RFLashBoost! Ok, backstory: I’ve always had long lashes, and my daughters have gorgeous, long lashes. I wanted to get lash extensions, as it’ll make my morning “makeup” routine even faster since I don’t use foundation anymore and most of the time I’m #hotmessmom running out the door! I had my first full set of lash extensions for my birthday in June and loved them! I had 4 refills done, and on my last refill…#drama. And not in a good way.

The technician applied way too much adhesive, and well…it was not a happy ending. I had clumps come off a week later, leaving me with bald areas and irritation. After having the extensions removed, I was left with very thin, brittle and uneven lashes. I felt like a hairless cat!


The top photo is my before photo, this was 45 days after having my lash extensions removed. I felt extremely self conscious and wanted to hide my eyes behind sunglasses. This is also the very night that RF announced the new launch of Lash Boost, so I was REALLY excited!! The bottom photo is my 4 week progress. Lash Boost improved my lashes tremendously! They look longer, fuller, darker, and healthier! They are also soft and resilient. Even my brows are darker and they grow out super fast! Now, when I put on mascara, they just keep going and going! It’s given me my confidence back. I’m really excited what another 4 weeks is going to look like!


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