All that Sparkles!

Holiday parties isn’t quite the holidays, without a little sparkle! Don’t you agree? I’m all about that sparkle, glitter, and shine! I hear Holiday Party, I think SPARKLE!! I always look forward to my husband’s company holiday party, because, it’s a great reason to have a real date night, and get dressed up. And, he cleans up real nice too, and always makes sure I have a glass of wine. That’s really all I need! I’m such a light weight now, it ain’t even funny!

For this photo shoot, I branched out and wanted to work with different Houston based photographers. There are so many creatives here and, GOSH, they are all so talented! I had so much fun working with Taylor, of Taylor Elizabeth Photography. Her work has a very warm and dark feel to it, and it’s something a little different, and I love it! I wanted to focus on a lot of textures in my pieces, as that always photographs well, and looks super rich and luxe. Highland Village Shopping Center, in the heart of River Oaks, has gorgeous architecture and that is where we met to shoot, on a very chilly Wednesday morning! There is a large Restoration Hardware, and the walls are awesome! Can’t wait to share more from this day’s shoot in the next week or so!



My dress is from Francesca’s, that I purchased 2 years ago! I still love the rose jacquard and the fullness of the bottom. It’s a classic dress that can be worn time and time again, great for holiday parties, a winter wedding, or happy hour cocktails with your #squad. It’s super forgiving too, so no need to wear double spanx! #momprobs, you know how it goes!



My statement necklace and earrings are also from Francesca’s! Okay, #truestory, the girls at Frannies know me by now. I’m usually running into their boutique on my ten minute Starbucks run, and always tell them that I need no help that I’m a FAST shopper. No need to work their salesmanship skills training on me! I’m in and out in 5 minutes and back almost everyday. I don’t always buy something, sometimes just go in to say hi!


My heels were also a total find and also a closet staple, as I’ve adored them now for the last 3 years! They are Michael by Michael Kors, and I got them, wait for it, at ROSS! Umhmmm…here’s a Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s tip…always search every shoe aisle. The shoes are ALWAYS mixed up, so be sure to hunt them all. I found these beauties in the size 9 rack, tucked away. They were my size, a size 6, and purrfect! My littles always gravitate towards them in my closet and play dress up in them. Who can blame them?




And, finally, let’s talk about this oh my goodness look at the sparkles of this clutch?!? If you had to guess the retail price for it, what would you think? $50, $80, $100? How about, $24.99…it’s from Forever 21! I know, right?



Rings – Crystal Mason Ring in Rose Gold, BaubleBar and Rose Gold Drusy Ring, Kendra Scott. I’m also wearing Kendra Scott Nail Lacquer in Rose Gold Drusy. I’m pretty obsessed with that color!

What are you most excited to get dressed up for? I want to hear about it!

XOXO – Charity

Photography Credit: Taylor Elizabeth Photography, Houston, TX


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