The Recharge Challenge

COURAGE is doing something even when you are scared. Change is scary. It's uncomfortable, it's different, and it can be overwhelming.


Today is the final day of The Rising Tide Society’s “The Recharge Challenge” on Instagram. I loved participating in their “InstaTide Challenge” back in the fall, and what most interested in participating in this challenge was the focus to reflect on this past year. I guess you can package my year in a single word, COURAGE. I never really realized that this was so true, until I really thought about my accomplishments and challenges this year.


COURAGE is doing something even when you are scared. Change is scary. It’s uncomfortable, it’s different, and it can be overwhelming. This year, I faced a lot of change. New state, new job location, new school for my daughter, Chloe, stepping into my dream of an entrepreneur, launching this website, making healthy changes for my body and mind, which included removing toxic and negative people, even family members, from my life, continuous self-improvement, and making new friends with fellow creatives and women around this country.

And, despite all these “challenges”, I have found it was also my biggest accomplishment. This is why I chose #GETITGIRLBOSS. It’s a statement to MYSELF to go after what I want. It’s an encouragement that I GOT THIS! Despite the fear. It’s about being FEARLESS.


What does SUCCESS look like to me? What are my goals for 2017?

Success to me is inspiring others to make a change in their life that will put them on the path to completely changing it for the better. It’s enCOURAGEing them to embrace their COURAGE to be FEARLESS.

  • It’s seeing a single mother starting her own business.
  • It’s locking arms with childhood friends to be power partners in business.
  • It’s seeing confidence restored in a young woman because she was self-conscious about her skin.
  • It’s opening up the mailbox and not feeling the dread of the credit card bills and the debt that keeps piling up.
  • It’s not living paycheck to paycheck.
  • It’s the joy on my daughters’ faces when I can spend the day with them at the park or at the bookstore.
  • It’s the look on my husband’s face that he’s proud of me and the work that I’m doing.
  • It’s looking at myself in the mirror and liking the woman looking back at me.



PC: Taylor Elizabeth Photography, Houston TX

Outfit details : Faux Leather Jacket – Bohme, Sweater and Scarf – Tommy Bahama, Burgundy Moto pants – Francesca’s, Ring – baublebar, Crystal beanie -Forever 21

Shot at Highland Village Shopping Center, Houston TX

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