New Year, Same Dreams


Happy New Year Beautiful Girl Boss! 2016 was an amazing year for me, as it really showed me that I’m capable of A LOT! It was also a year with big changes. My husband accepted a new job that had us uproot our life from Las Vegas to Houston. I left my position at a store that I was the GM at for 7 years to a new location here in The Woodlands. My oldest daughter began 2nd grade at a new school, and the baby turned 1 years old! My sweet middle daughter turned 2, and WOW..the personality on her has exploded! She is seriously my firecracker girl! And, of course, it was my leap into being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur.

I have met so many awesome, strong, empowered, and beautiful creatives in this world of blogging. I’m really excited to grow my network and meet with these power babes this year! Empowered Women Empower Women!


This new year, I’m still going after the same dream – growing my business and investing more in myself this year. This includes living a healthier lifestyle – eating less sugar and salt (I cannot let go of my precious coffee with creamer, and pizza!)  I’m excited to start doing yoga again and there is a new studio opening up near my work so no excuses!


Another goal is to RELAX! And to Relax in style…as most Moms know to well, living life in yoga pants, a loose tee and #mombun is true life. And that’s okay! I want to put in a little extra effort daily, cause when you look good and you feel great! I have always LOVED Lilly Pulitzer for so long, but never had the opportunity to get to shop in their beautiful store. So, of course, I was thrilled that a new Lilly store has opened in Houston, at the Highland Village Shopping Center, and that my sweet girl, Makayla aka KAY KAY, is working there! She gave me the full experience, setting up my fitting room with so many beautiful printed shift dresses. And, the fit on these shift dresses…fit amazingly! It was really hard to choose just one. I did ultimately choose this Gabby Shift Dress in the Coco Safari print. I love the bright pink pineapples and adore the embroidery detailing on the front.


Pineapples are my fave! I’ve always loved this quote: Be like a pineapple – stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.


Looking forward to an amazing 2017! I’m ready to go after this year being FEARLESS!


shift dress | pineapple necklace | sunnies | bag

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