Fashionably Late

I may not always be on time, but I’m always fashionably late…

Yes, it’s been my life to always be a little late to things. I like to see myself as overly optimistic when it comes to time. If I have to be somewhere at 2pm, and it’s 1:15pm, I think, WOW, I have 45 minutes. Little do I forget that it takes approximately 15 minutes to get dressed, washed up, put on my makeup (which is very minimal since I focus on a good skincare routine, thanks to R+F) straighten out my hair, fill the diaper bag, make sure that the girls are ready, find their socks, shoes and get those shoes and socks on and KEEP them ON, grab my purse, find my keys, and get them all buckled in safely into the #swaggerwagon, and put on their favorite song from Moana, then…are you still with me…drive in Houston traffic for 30 minutes. But, yes, I totally have SO MUCH TIME!


I have always been a big fan of wearing a unique watch. It’s the number one accessory that men and women wear after a wedding ring, if you are married. Watches are given to commemorate a special event, such as anniversaries or retirement, and a well made watch will last and last for years. My grandfather, Grandpa Foy, was a watch maker before he was in the US Army during World War II. Watches have always fascinated me, how tiny the components are, that keep it always on time. That is AWESOME!

So, I was very excited to be contacted by JORD Wood Watches. I have seen these beautiful wooden watches on social media, and I love the simplistic and classic styling of the faces and of course, the wood links. I also love a bigger “boyfriend” style watch, and chose the Frankie style. With my love for rose gold, the Sandlewood and Smoke style was just right. They provided me with fitting instructions, so that I would have the perfect fit. Once my watch arrived, it was like Christmas again! Super excited to open it up!


The watch case that stores your watch when you are not wearing it, is impressive! It has magnetic closures, so that it stays sealed tight, and a drawer to hold a humidity control moisture packet, that automatically maintains a relative humidity for optimal wood watch storage. It’s like a little mini humidor, but for your watch! So cool…


JORD also provided an oil preserve pen to coat the links and casing of your wood watch with a soft, cloth to polish and clean it. They thought of EVERYTHING!

My initial thoughts on seeing my cool watch, was PRETTY! It’s very lightweight and the crystal face is gorgeous. I showed my husband, and he said, “Wow, is that for me?” HEEHEE…no, but I will be getting him one for Valentine’s Day!

JORD offers many beautiful styles to choose from. Check out their catalog below…

Watch Gift Ideas

For my Frankie Watch go HERE

Men’s Watches HERE Women’s Watches HERE

Here’s to Being ON TIME or FASHIONABLY LATE! XOXO- Charity

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