My Time to THRIVE


“Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving.” – Jenna Rink, 13 Going on 30… HAHAHA, do you remember that movie? It is one of my favorites! So, recap, for those who have not seen it, and you totally should, because I love Jennifer Garner, and this movie is so cute. Jennifer Garner plays a young girl, Jenna Rink, who on her 13th birthday, makes a wish to be 30 years old. She wakes up 30 and gorgeous, as a powerhouse editor for a fashion magazine. She loses touch with her equally geeky best friend, a boy with a love of photography, and quickly realizes that the life she thought she wanted, was not really the life she would have imagined without her friend. Anyhoo…it’s a rom-com sure to make you happy, it always makes me clap with my hands and my feet! Yep, it’s that good! The beauty article, titled “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving” always comes to mind when I think of “THRIVE”

thrive – verb

  1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful
  2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish


Black and White Textured frayed Top @StitchFix | Pink Pants @Target | Pink Sunnies @francescas | Palm Leaf Clutch @Stella&Dot (last year) | Jewelry @francescas, @kendrascott and @baublebar | Gray peep toe booties @StitchFix

TaylorElizabethPhotography-5116TaylorElizabethPhotography-5119TaylorElizabethPhotography-5120MONET TASSEL DROPS @baublebar | Hair done @drybar | Lipstick color Captive @maccosmetics

TaylorElizabethPhotography-5125Photo Credit by Taylor Elizabeth Photography, Houston, TX | Houston Grafitti Building

I attended my first conference for bloggers and creatives at the Thrive Creative Events Conference, held at The Westin at The Woodlands Waterway, in The Woodlands, TX, February 24th-26th. I have attended conferences before, but for the company I have worked for, and never for one geared to bloggers and small business owners. It was really COOL to go and represent MYSELF, and meet with fellow bloggers and hug on those that I follow on IG. It’s like celebrity spotting! “Oh there is so and so and OMG, it’s so and so!” We mainly know each other by our Instagram handles, so it’s cool to get to know one another by our first names! And, if you think attending a blogger conference would be nerve-racking, well, EVERYONE there is just as nervous as you are! What you come to know is that the majority of bloggers are really introverted people. Being in a large crowd of people can be stressful, but the main thing is, getting out of your comfort zone and going up and introducing yourself and having a conversation. I found that those that I talked with, all have the same fears, frustrations and challenges like me! Juggling multiple hats, like working full-time, being a MAMA, working side hustles, and sitting down to write…can be crazy challenging! I’m sitting here at a Starbucks right now writing this post, because my two littles are demanding all the MAMA time they can get. I had to sneak out for two hours to let my brain work! (I love my babies, I miss them this very moment, but I gotta get work done!)

The conference had an amazing line up of speakers for us. The keynote speaker was an amazing #girlboss, Emma Chapman, of A Beautiful Mess. I absolutely loved hearing her personal story of success, failure, success, and failure, and on and on it goes. But, the main thing, is that you get right back up and keep going. Her three traits of “Being Boss” was just awesome! I had such a girl fan moment, when Natalie Franke, founder of The Rising Tide Society, gave her presentation! It really summed up what the conference was all about, empowering women to create a community over competition and lifting each other up. Because, the blogging world and being an entrepreneur can be, gasp, lonely. I’m thrilled to find some amazing partners and friends in this journey.

2017 is my year! It’s my time to THRIVE!

IMG_7665IMG_7666Thrive Notepads by @maydesigns | Name calligraphy by @meganmariecalligraphry

Photo Credit – Me 🙂

IMG_7898IMG_7899Photo Credit – @katihewittphoto

IMG_7667IMG_7668Backdrops by @artbyaaron | With my Houston #girlbosses – Angela of Pretty in Her Pearls blog and Annette of Textures of Grace blog.

IMG_7669Loving this Lily Jade leather convertible diaper bag – yes, it’s a diaper bag! It’s gorgeous!


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