Rainbow of Hope

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“God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us – in the dreariest and most dreaded moments – can see a possibility of hope.” – Maya Angelou

I absolutely love the rain! Growing up in San Jose, California, rainy days always remind me of my childhood. My Mom does not know how to drive (her choice, she’s totally frightened to drive) and I attended a private school that was across town from where we lived. She would accompany me to school everyday, on the public transit bus lines, taking 3 buses to get there. It would take 1 1/2 hours each way, and we always had to walk fast to each bus stop to catch the bus on time. This explains why I have a super fast stride when I walk, because I always had to be in a hurry! I distinctly remember walking in the rain, carrying my favorite pink umbrella, watching my little feet move along the sidewalk, the wet cement and random puddles. The pitter patter of the raindrops on my umbrella, it had its own rhythm and beat. The scent of wet grass and dirt mixed with the car exhaust fumes. Everything looked fresh and clean, the air crisp on my face.  One time, on the way home from school, the sun peeked out from a rain cloud, and although it continued to rain, I looked up and saw the biggest and brightest full arch rainbow! I was amazed how pretty it was, each color stripe so vibrant and how they blended together in the most gorgeous of colors. WOW! I imagined where each end landed, and of course thought, “there must be a leprechaun and a big pot of gold!” Then the rain cloud covered the sun again, and the rainbow slowly disappeared.

My husband and I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for 10 years, before moving to Houston, Texas. Vegas did not have consistent amount of rain, but I could always “smell” it coming when it would. And, once the rain had come and passed, that wet earth smell took me back to being a kid. In Houston, it’s the Gulf, so of course very humid and wet! I forgot how to live in constant rain, but it’s a welcome change. I do need to invest in cute Hunter Rain boots, and have the valid excuse to purchase them! And, I’m able to use my cute umbrellas again!


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We all go through periods of life where it seems that there is constant rain. This can be challenges, hardships, struggles…and we are desperate for a break in this “rain” for some hope. Rainbows are symbols of a beautiful promise. A promise of hope, renewal, and peace. How much of life do we miss, by always waiting to see the rainbow? Through every trial, storm, battle, and hardship, there is a purpose. Don’t ever give up! Where you are today is no accident. God is using the situation to prepare you for where He wants you to bring.

I’m thankful for the “rain” in my life. Because my rainbow will be absolutely GORGEOUS!

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Photos by Taylor Elizabeth Photography , Houston, TX

Wall Mural – Houston Pride Wall, artist unknown. Located at the parking lot of Pavement Clothing, 1657 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX


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