BE Positive

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“Be Positive! That should be your mantra in life”, stated my favorite doctor ever, Dr. Ivy, as she revealed to me what my blood type was, B+. While I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was considered a high risk pregnancy based on that I’m slightly anemic, and had to do more blood screens during my pregnancy and close monitoring of my baby’s growth. I had to take iron suppliments, especially during the third trimester, and everything turned out just fine. It’s easy to remember what my blood type is now, as it really is a great mantra for life. BE POSITIVE!

I like to think that I’m an optimistic person, the kind that views a glass of water as half full rather than half empty. I look for the silver lining in that dark rain cloud, see the opportunity in the challenge and hopeful that everything will turn out just the way they are meant to be. My husband, is the complete opposite! They say that opposites attract, and it is so true! When we first began dating, we took a little quiz, and he answered the exact opposite on everything! We are also opposites on the Meyers-Brigg Personality Chart! LOL! We are truly meant to be together, as we compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. It makes for parenting really interesting! But, what we both can agree on is the safety and overall well-being for our daughters.

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As I was mulling around with this blog post topic, my oldest, Chloe, asked why there is a big “B” in my photos. While shooting this beautiful floral wrap dress, Taylor, my awesome and talented photographer, wanted to highlight the dress and not shoot it against a mural wall like I had originally planned (you know how I LOVE me some bright and fun mural walls). We explored around the buildings, through a dark alleyway, and came across this large “B” light sign. Maybe it’s a secret entrance to a really swanky nightclub, and we both thought it was cool! It reminded me of Dr. Ivy’s words to me, “Be POSITIVE” and I knew I had to photograph with it. And, of course, I had some fun twirling with the dress as well! It’s so pretty!

Anyways, back to Chloe… I explained that people, girls and women especially, are always so concerned about what others are doing, and that you just need to BE yourself. BE fearless, BE brave, BE kind, BE truthful, BE hopeful, BE YOU, because you are unique. She said, “Because there is only You, and no copies of You, and that’s what makes you special.” YES….

Be – to exist or live

What is a mantra that you love?

Thank you for coming by! BE POSITIVE!

Poppy Floral Wrap Maxi Dress | Another Favorite Floral Dress | Cherry Wrap Maxi Dress | Steve Madden Jaylen Wedge Sandals | Color Bar – Design Your Own Earrings – Kendra Scott



Photos Credit: Taylor Elizabeth Photography, Houston, TX

Location: Westheimer and Dunlavy, Montrose, Houston, TX


  1. Great message. One of my favorite books my Grandmother shared with me is ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’. Show much truth to this. Your look beautiful…thank you for your uplifting spirit. You shine so bright in this world. It’s so wonderful!

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