Once Upon a Time…

She dreamed that one day, when she grew up, that she could be a party planner, because life should always be celebrated! And, she could be her own Boss.

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Little girls with dreams become women with vision.

Once upon a time, in a land that was surrounded by rolling foothills, not too far from a place with Golden Gates, lived a little girl with fine, auburn hair and a heart full of wonder. The little girl would play in her room, making little seats and tables for her Barbie dolls, as they prepared for a royal party. Every detail was not forgotten, from tiny vases filled with yellow dandelions, small cups for tea, and a tiny plate for the royal cake. Every doll was dressed in their best clothing, Peaches and Cream Barbie, Crystals Barbie and Rockers Barbie, all ready for the party to begin.  Planning the party was so fun than actually having the party, as this little girl loved all the details needed for a successful event. She dreamed that one day, when she grew up, that she could be a party planner, because life should always be celebrated! And, she could be her own Boss. She liked being in charge of everything and if she had her own business, she could make all the decisions.

As she got older, becoming a party planner, wasn’t the ideal profession that most grown ups approved upon. Becoming a doctor, lawyer, or a police officer was regarded as some of the more respected professions one could be. Party planner? That’s what little girls do. So, the little girl changed directions, and decided to be an Interior Designer instead. Designing homes and offices sounded like fun, choosing color schemes and curtains and pillows, and organizing storage spaces was right up her alley. But, taking accelerated math classes and drafting classes sounded really boring, and it deterred her into something else.

She decided on Visual Merchandising, because she was currently working in retail and she loved the creativity of designing and styling windows and mannequins, and she had a strong sense of style and fashion. She excelled in college, and graduated in the top of her class. Off to the real world, and she landed a “dream job” with a retail company with stores that focused on creating a tropical lifestyle. It was a perfect fit, and she worked very hard for them for many years. She moved into retail management then became the BOSS, as the General Manager. She was able to plan and coordinate marketing events in store and off site, including fashion shows and pop up shops. She led a team of sales associates and managers to hit sales plans and coach and mentor young women in their careers. For years, this work was fulfilling. But something was missing.

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This young woman, became a Mother, to 3 precious girls. Her oldest daughter, Chloe, has a love for party planning just like she did. Every birthday party and holiday are planned out months in advance, and she and her daughter love to collaborate together. If you ask Chloe what she wants to be when she gets older she will proudly state, “A party planner!”  This woman is incredibly proud to nurture Chloe’s dream and it reminds her that she, too, had that same dream.

The woman felt stuck. Stuck in the cycle of working hard for someone else, but needing the steady paycheck. Stuck in the cycle of paying bills and not having money to put away and save for not only retirement, but for saving to start a business. Stuck in the mentality that you need a degree in a business major to be an entrepreneur. Stuck in the fear that maybe she couldn’t really do it.

Along came a friend, that reminded her how much of a BOSS she already was. Smart. Tenacious. Creative. Inspired. Motivated. A Leader. She was presented with an opportunity to start a virtual franchise. No store front. No need to purchase inventory to sell. All the products are shipped to the customer direct from a warehouse. A product that was thoroughly tested and trusted by thousands. With two Girl Bosses leading the company that empower the female entrepreneur. All she needed was some FAITH and GRIT to make it happen. Because, if she did, she would set herself and her family up for long-term financial freedom. And, she could invest that into having her own party planning business with her daughter, Chloe. She wants to inspire and motivate her daughters that they can be whatever they want to do in life. But, you have to be FEARLESS and BRAVE to make it happen.

What she didn’t expect would happen was how fulfilling it was to partner and motivate other Moms and young women that long for the opportunity to be their own Boss. A business that allows them to spend time with their kids at home, never missing a moment, or to help pay off student loans, or supplement their full-time income. For some, their journeys accelerate and for some, it takes a little more time.  And, that’s the beauty of entrepreneurship.

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Whatever you dreamed about, longed for, and wished for… only YOU can make it happen. Do not let fear or other people’s opinions stop you from being who you are meant to be. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is no one like you. Now – Get it, Girl Boss!

Dream BIG, Little Girl

Channon Dress | Fan Tassel Earrings | Rose Gold Wedges

Photography by Taylor Elizabeth Photography

Location – The Dogwood – Midtown , Houston, TX

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