Houston is Colorful – My Favorite Houston Mural Art

I have always loved lots and lots of COLOR! I was the kid that would snatch away the purple crayon my baby brother was coloring with, (it was MY favorite color) and take off running down the hallway, leaving a purple crayon mark a long the wall, (yep, that happened, my Mom had to scrub it off before my Dad came home for over an hour, Sorry, Mom!)  I adored my Art History classes in college and loved to mix paints in Color Theory. I could stare at Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”  or one of Claude Monet’s Waterlillies paintings for hours, studying the amount of paint strokes and how textured the paint was on the canvas, like 3D art. Do you remember Sponge Painting?? Like, the Wall Magic, dual textured paint roller? Yep, I sponge painted the hell out of my apartment! It was purple on purple and I frickin’ loved it!

Painting has always been therapeutic for me, as I like to paint for myself. I have only painted ONE canvas for my BFF as a wedding gift, and that’s all I will ever do. Giving away a painting is like giving away a child or your favorite puppy…

When starting my blog, I went the “basic” way and tried to do only “fashion blogger” photo shoots, which were fantastic and I worked with an amazing and creative photographer. But, I wanted my Insta feed to look COLORFUL like my personality. I came across Carrie, the sweet blogger of Wear+Where+Well, and she had the most beautiful, HAPPY, and colorful photos. I LOVED them! She’s like my bestie, but she doesn’t know that yet! She did a great, comprehensive guide to all the amazing Houston Murals, and I’m so thankful for that guide. You can find her Wall Wanderings Guide here!

And, that is when Taylor of Taylor Elizabeth Photography, and I, started our partnership. This girl is so awesome and so willing to come along on the mural hunt with me. Thanks, Tay! You are such a #girlboss!

Here are my top 10 favorite Houston Murals –

Taylor Elizabeth Photography-6110

Wall 1: The Biscuit Paint Wall by Sebastien Boileau aka Mr. D

  • Address – 1435 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006
  • Parking in lot or across the street
  • Best to take photos early morning
  • This wall belongs to the Biscuit Home store, but the store has moved to a different and bigger location. To keep the wall maintained, Biscuit Home has requested to make a small donation to the Children’s Hospital.

Taylor Elizabeth Photography-6924

Wall 2: Colorful Graphic Wall  by @skeez181

  • Wall of the parking lot of Pavement Clothing
  • Address: 1657 Westheimer Road, Houston TX 77098
  • Best time to take photos early morning before the store opens for business. Wall faces East, so LOTS of light! Wear sunnies!

Taylor Elizabeth Photography-6845

Wall 3: Houston Pride Wall,  artist unknown

  • In the same parking lot of Pavement Clothing!
  • Wall faces West
  • Best to take photos in morning, before the businesses open.


Wall 4: Hummingbird Wall by StudioFlop

  • On the west side of the building on the Beacon Theatre
  • Address: 5102 Navigation Blvd, Houston TX 77011
  • This wall is HUGE! It is within a narrow alley, so your photog will need a wide lens to capture it all.
  • There are more murals on the front side of the theatre



Wall 5: Dragons Wall by ArtKungFu

  • Two colored dragons, a blue and green one and a pink and black one, both equally AWESOME! I think these are my faves!
  • Address: 5102 Navigation Blvd, Houston TX 77011
  • Front side of the Beacon Theatre


Wall 6: Hearts Mural by John Whaley

  • Address: 1503 Chartres Street, Houston TX 77003
  • The Houston Graffiti building. This large warehouse is abandoned, and has become  a colorful building for graffiti mural artists. Because of the location, be aware of your surroundings and stay safe. Best to shoot in the morning and/or on a cloudy day.


Wall 7: Dripped Colors Door Mural by Sayra Vallejo

  • Houston Graffiti Building, 1503 Chartres Street, Houston TX 77003
  • Additional murals next to this door, and on the same side as the Hearts Mural.



Wall 8: Colorful Houston Skyline by @lata65

  • Backside of Houston Graffiti Building, 1503 Chartres Street, Houston TX 77003
  • Tight space to shoot, as there is a slim sidewalk, and traffic along Chartres.
  • Best time to shoot is early morning, or right after rush hour.

Taylor Elizabeth Photography -9302Taylor Elizabeth Photography -9235

Wall 9: Pink Groovy Wall at Reeves Antiques

  • Address: 2415 Taft Street, Houston TX 77066
  • Reeves Antiques shop has AWESOME colorful murals on all sides, so lots of photo ops!
  • Best time to shoot is early morning before the shop opens.


Taylor Elizabeth Photography -9391Taylor Elizabeth Photography -9371

Wall 10: Cloudy Day Wall Art, artist unknown

  • Address: 2401 Taft Street, Houston TX 77066
  • The shop next to Reeve’s Antiques
  • We discovered this one and it’s so fun! Perfect for the rainy and cloudy day we were having!


Taylor Elizabeth Photography-6944

Which Wall is your favorite? There are certainly more to explore and I hope to hit up more this year!

All photos by Taylor Elizabeth Photography


  1. The heart wall and dripping colors featured in your post are two of my favorites!

    If you haven’t been to the murals over at Winter Street Studios, you need to check those out! It’s an entire building with mural after mural after mural. I ended up over there for a costume idea blog post and was delighted to see SO many options!

    Liked by 1 person

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