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Advice from the MOON – Live life to the fullest. Be someone to look up to. Don’t be phased by difficulties. Take time to reflect. Enjoy a little space. Honor the cycles of nature. Light up the night!

As a child, I loved to look up into the nighttime sky and looked for the moon. I loved to see how full or dark it was, and I searched desperately for the “Man in the Moon” whatever that meant! I imagined a little man living in a crater, in a little moon house fishing for stars.

I always would take note on what the moon looked like on special days, especially what phase of the moon was on my wedding date, the date I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, and each of my daughters birthdays.

When I discovered Moonglow Jewelry, a jewelry company that creates beautiful and unique jewelry featuring the moon phase of your special date, I knew I had to have a special piece.  I chose July 30, 1999, as this was the date of my husband and my very first date together. Awwwww, right? On our special date, the Moon was in the phase of Waning Gibbous. Moonglow provides a little card within the cute box, describing what the moon phase represents.

Waning Gibbous

Sharing the attributes of Waning Gibbous, those born under the influence of this moon phase are considers caretakers of the Universe. Their calming influence, caring nature and compulsion to help others gives valuable insight into their strong will and character and often shows up as a career in public service. Eagerness to make the world a better place may tempt them to follow ideologies too blindly. Yet most can rely on strong intuitive powers to see that shred of waning light before making wrong decisions. Remaining strong in the face of adversity, uncertainty and unforseen obstacles lead to their greatest achievements and fulfillment in life.

I think that describes our relationship to the letter! I absolutely adore this Classic Necklace with a Black Swarovski Crystal! My youngest daughter wears it mostly, snatching it off my dresser before I can! I’m putting the Moonstock Bangle Bracelets on my Christmas wish list this year, with each of my girls birthdays.

And…the moon GLOWS in the dark! This was a nice and fun surprise that my daughters and I discovered while going to bed one night.

Curious to know your Moon phase on your special date? Head to Moonglow’s Moonphase Calculator to find out!

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Outfit details – Camo Sweater Everly Oak | Isabella Drop Bauble Earrings  Everly Oak | Chavelle Faux Leather Skirt Club Monaco | Nine West Kerianna Tall Boots  | Tote from Zara

Photo credit by Taylor Elizabeth Photography, Houston, TX

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